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Thomas Dental Centre, Abu Dhabi

Thomas Dental Centre previously Lotus Dental Centre is the best Dental Centre in Abu Dhabi. Our dental clinic started in 2003 and situated in Al Falah Street, Abu Dhabi. It is a leading Dental Healthcare Clinic in Abu Dhabi. We have professional team of dentists and specialists who are committed to excellence in dentistry. Equipped with the latest state of the art dental technology.

Our goal is to providing high-quality dental treatments to patients and educating patients on proper oral hygiene. We are using latest dental technologies and techniques, such as digital x-rays and laser dentistry, to provide the best possible care to patients.

Thomas Dental Centre, Abu Dhabi

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We provide you with a range of services that provides a solution for all your dental needs and concerns. From routine dental check-ups to complex oral surgeries, we have got you covered. As one of the leading dental clinics in Abu Dhabi, our dentists will provide you with the best treatment experiences available.

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All our doctors are well qualified and use state-of-the-art modern technology.


Committed To Build A Positive, Safe, Patient Focused Culture.

Thomas Dental Centre in Abu Dhabi has the latest, cutting-edge technologies in Dentistry. We are offering high-quality dentistry in a caring and friendly environment to our patients. Our services include Preventive Dentistry, General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Orthodontics. All treatments are tailored to meet individual needs and to increase the smile, health, vitality, and beauty of your teeth. Thomas Dental Centre is one of the best Dental Clinics in Abu Dhabi and provides the best dental treatments in UAE. We are the most trusted dental clinic and book your appointment with the Best Dentist in Abu Dhabi.

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I had a great experience in this dental center. They are very thorough (specially Dr. Parvez)in explaining to patients about the procedure that they will be doing. During procedure,Dr. Parvez always check on me if I am doing well or I do feel comfortable. Most of all, the outcome of the services

Adonis Jamisola

Great service, professional staff, nice modest clinic, clean establishment, reasonable prices, and 30+ years of experience. I've been coming to this clinic since 2012. Nearly a decade now. I don't care how fancy, new or upscale other prestigious dental clinics are around town because Thomas Dental was perfect from day one. I have not gone to a diffe

Benjamin Nielsen

I had my dental experience with this clinic way back in 2007. I had fixed bridge, root canal and gum graft done by Dr. Thomas. I was happy with the work done on my teeth. I visited other dental clinics too for root canal and cleaning for the past years.
This year 2022 I had to make a wise decision which clinic I would go for a dental implant on my othe

Felia Tenenan

A nice clinic, I did a small fix for my implant here, prices are fair, the quality of procedure is on the high level. So far 5 stars.

Vladimir Babikov

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