Aesthetic Gum Correction

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What is aesthetic gum surgery?

Aesthetic gum surgery involves procedures to improve the appearance of your gums. This may involve removing excess gum tissue to reveal more of your teeth or adding gum tissue to areas that have receded.

The procedure is performed using a local anaesthetic to numb the affected area, ensuring a pain-free experience. In some cases, a general anaesthetic may be recommended if the surgery is being performed on multiple areas or to help relieve any anxiety.

Types of aesthetic gum treatment:

Gum recontouring: Aesthetic gum correction involves gum recontouring. The edges of the gum tissues are reduced and reshaped to create the desired shape and curve around each tooth. This correction can be achieved through minimally invasive surgical treatment and is usually completed in a single appointment. Anaesthesia, such as numbing medication, may be used for sensitive gums but is not always necessary. The results are immediate, and the gum tissues are instantly sealed, reducing bleeding and inflammation, and requiring no sutures or surgical dressings. This results in an instantly improved smile with minimal recovery time.

Gum recession treatment: Gum recession surgery is a more permanent and predictable solution for treating receded gums. The procedure involves using a gum graft to replace the missing gum tissue and cover the exposed root. The graft is usually taken from the roof of the mouth. This surgery provides a more stable outcome compared to other treatments and can help restore the appearance and health of the gums.

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