Myobrace in Abu dhabi

Myobrace: Straight Teeth Without Braces

In young children, crooked teeth and poor jaw growth are quite common. However, it is important to resolve these issues in order to avoid further complications in the future. Though Myobrace is a type of orthodontic treatment that has recently become quite popular to correct crooked teeth and improper jaw alignment in children and adolescents.

What is Myobrace

This teeth straightening and alignment treatment promotes natural tooth growth and development, eliminating the need for braces in the child. It also produces the best results when performed before children's permanent teeth have developed. It straightens teeth while also developing and aligning the jaws and enhancing facial development. This is accomplished by assisting children in breathing through their noses, swallowing properly, and keeping their lips closed. Other oral exercises, in addition to this treatment, are recommended for excellent results. The Myobrace appliance looks like a mouth guard, is removable, and only needs to be worn for a few hours per day or overnight.

4 Stages Of Myobrace Treatment

The four steps of Myobrace typically require 18 months to produce the best effects. These phases consist of:

  • Habit Correction
  • Dental Alignment
  • Arch Development
  • Retention
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