Routine Dental check-up

General Dentistry Services Abu Dhabi

Why is routine dental check-up needed?

Many people overlook the importance of regular dental checkups in maintaining good oral health. By scheduling routine appointments with your dentist, you can prevent major dental problems such as:

  • tooth decay
  • bone loss
  • periodontal disease
  • fractured teeth
  • decay
  • TMJ disorder
Preventative dentistry equips you with the tools and information necessary to care for your smile, ensuring that you can preserve your natural teeth for a lifetime. Even if you have a family history of losing teeth at a young age, preventative dentistry can help interrupt the cycle and provide you and your family with a healthy smile.

Our procedure during the routine dental check-up

  • Evaluate your overall oral hygiene and health, and assess any potential risks for gum disease, bone disease, tooth decay, and more.
  • Clean your teeth, removing any stains and plaque that may have accumulated.
  • Assess your bite and jaw for any potential alignment issues.
  • Determine if you need additional fluoride to strengthen your teeth and prevent decay.
  • Check for any signs of oral cancer.
  • Take dental x-rays or conduct other diagnostic procedures if necessary.
  • Evaluate your need for tooth replacement or restoration, such as dentures, bridges, or crowns.

General Dentistry Services Abu Dhabi

General dentistry encompasses fundamental oral healthcare services. It goes beyond dental fillings, offering a comprehensive array of procedures aimed at enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your teeth and gums. At Thomas Dental Centre, we are committed to providing exceptional general dentistry services in Abu Dhabi. Our team of experienced dentists is here to ensure that you and your family receive the highest quality dental care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Whether you need a routine check-up, dental cleaning, or more complex dental treatments, Thomas Dental Centre is your trusted partner for all your general dentistry needs in Abu Dhabi. We are committed to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

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