dental clinic first visit

Dental Patients Rights and Responsibilities

It is your Right as a Patient in the clinic:

  1. To be informed of your rights in an understandable manner.
  2. To be informed (patient & families) about the care and services of the healthcare organization & how to access those services.
  3. To have considerate and respectful care consistent with your personal values and beliefs and have access to spiritual and religious support.
  4. To have care that is respectful of privacy.
  5. To have your valuables and personal belongings safeguarded.
  6. To be protected from any type of assault while as patient.
  7. To receive appropriate protection if you are a vulnerable child, disabled individual, and/or elderly.
  8. To have all your information kept confidential and protected from loss or misuse.
  9. To be informed of the healthcare organizations policy on complaints, conflicts, and difference of opinions about patient care and your right to participate in these processes related to concerns about your treatment or care.
  10. To have informed consent (what will happen in the course of treatment) explained in an understandable way to have adequate understandable information for you and your family about your illness, proposed treatment and care provided in order to make informed decision.
  11. To give general consent for treatment and have the general scope and limits of this consent explained.
  12. To expect information on how you & your family will be told about medical conditions and how to participate in care decision if decided.
  13. To have any pain properly assessed and appropriately managed.
  14. To be informed of treatment charges.