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Teeth Extraction in Abu Dhabi

Is your decayed tooth giving you a lot of trouble? The best course of action is to have your tooth extraction in Abu Dhabi. Our dental professionals are highly skilled and proficient in extractions.You can be sure that your pain-free treatment will be indefectible and error-free when you return home.

What is Tooth extraction?

A tooth extraction is a procedure in which the culprit tooth is removed from the socket using techniques and equipment that are best performed by dental professionals. The most common tooth that is removed from the mouth is the wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth removal in Abu Dhabi is common because they are the last to erupt in the oral cavity. It's inoperative, and because of its position, it's prone to depressions and shrine retention, making it vulnerable to infections and decay. Two Types Of Tooth Extraction are, Simple or closed extraction Complex or surgical extraction

Simple Extraction

A tooth that can easily be removed by the dental instrument called an elevator. It doesn't call for any harm to the jaw or gums.

Surgical Extraction

A surgical extraction is a more complex procedure that is done on a tooth that is not visible or is impacted. After the removal of the tooth, the socket is stitched or sometimes bone drilling is also required. This is why the cost of wisdom tooth extractions in Abu Dhabi are higher.

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